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The Installer’s Choice… Designed and manufactured by experienced mount experts, Rapid Video Mounts come fully assembled with all the necessary hardware included. They are quick mounting, load tested for more than 4 times the load-rated capacity, and guaranteed with 5 year warranty.

Universal Soundbar Mount


• Fits most TVs and sound bars

• Mounts above or below TV

• All hardware included

Why mount a flat panel TV in the first place?

A mounted TV provides a better viewing experience and eliminates the need for furniture, creating more floor space. A mounted TV is also much safer. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that TV tip-overs account for 18,900 emergency room visits each year, 66% of which are children nine or younger (see report). A mounted TV eliminates this danger.

Which mount for which TV?

There are 4 things to consider:

  • Preferences: Consider the room into which you are mounting your TV. If you are mounting the TV higher on a wall or near the side of the room, you’ll want to consider tilt or full motion mounts.
  • Weight: Your TV should weigh less than the mount capacity.
  • Screen Size: Your TV’s screen size should be within the recommended screen size for the mount.
  • Mounting Hole Pattern: The mounting hole pattern on the back of your TV needs to match the mounting hole pattern capabilities.

Do you have adapters for oddly spaced studs or non-match VESA holes?

Yes, we have adapters for most situations. Simply email info@rapidvideomounts.com and we’ll ship them out.

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